Tips & Tricks: Preparing For Air Conditioning Installations

Summer is on its way, have you got your air conditioning sorted?   Now is as good a time as any to get your cooling system in place. Let’s face it – you wouldn’t live in Queensland without air conditioning, would you? Not unless you want to roast yourselves alive in your hot box during the hottest months of the year.

Assuming you’ve chosen your air conditioning installation company (if you haven’t, you will by the end of this article), you’re probably wondering what you need to do to get organised for your air conditioning installations. We’ll tell you how to prep your home so your delivery and installation stage runs smoothly.

Work out where your air conditioners should go

You’ve probably got a vague idea about which rooms in your home need cooling and where you want your cooling system to sit. Your qualified technician will work with your needs while also determining the safest and most practical location for the cooling units, according to his wealth of experience.

The correct positioning of all units and electricals will be established well before work takes place. Rest assured, ML Refrigeration provides you with highly qualified technicians who will determine where in your house is most effective for air conditioning installations to take place.

Create a clear work space prior to your technician’s arrival

Any work space requires an occasional clean up, and that’s no different with air conditioning installations. You know by now where your cooling system will be installed, so make sure you give yourselves enough time to clear up the space prior to your technician’s arrival. For example:

  • Remove any pictures from the wall in question, even those not close to the cooling system; you can rearrange everything later.
  • Relocate your furniture so there aren’t any large objects in the way at the time of your air conditioning installations.
  • Make sure you’ve moved belongings from the area underneath the installation, to prevent anything getting damaged or unnecessarily dirty. If your cooling system is due to be installed in the kitchen, for example, move your dishes, toaster, microwave and knife block off the benches during the installation process.

Be prepared for dust

ML Refrigeration technicians will naturally treat your home with utmost care, but it’s inevitable that things are going to get dusty for awhile. Installing an air conditioning unit will involve a fair bit of labour.

The best way to prepare for the work prior to your air conditioning installations is to tidy your room as mentioned above. If you have extra time, cover any large pieces of furniture that can’t be relocated with old sheets so you don’t have too much to clean up after the work.

Technicians will tidy as much as possible after the job is complete, but you’ll be putting your vacuum to good use, too! Importantly, if you have an older house, you could be at risk of lead paint, asbestos or other chemicals within the dust from your walls. It pays to be vigilant and clean all surface carefully after installation.

Keep small children and pets out of the way

Depending on their location, your air conditioning installation stage won’t take long. Having said that, it’s long enough for children and pets to take interest.

It may sound obvious, but little people and pets can be very inquisitive so it’s best to keep them out of the way. Don’t let your kids and furry friends get under the feet of your technician because you really don’t want an accident. Speak to ML Refrigeration before the job takes place to get an indication of how long the work will take, so you can plan accordingly.

You may be without power for a little while

It is inevitable that your power mains will be switched off for a while in the process of your air conditioning unit installation. There’s no point cooking your family dinner or telling the kids they can watch TV while installation takes place. You won’t lose power for long, but it’s best to make an action plan that doesn’t involve technology.

Take a moment to understand how to operate your new air conditioning unit

Whether you’re the type of person who likes to read instructions of a new system thoroughly or not, when your new air conditioner arrives, it’s important to pay attention to any instructions or guide books. Obviously there’s an on and off button, but take a moment to understand how to alter the temperature and change the flow. If you lose your remote, make sure you know how to operate your unit without it.

Your friendly ML Refrigeration technician will show you how to operate the basics of your new air conditioning unit. Most systems these days are pretty straight forward. That said, it won’t hurt to read through the manual after your technicians have gone to be aware of how the system operates to its full potential.   Heating might not be something you think about in spring or summer, but there may be a time you need to operate your unit to heat your home. Learn how to do that now rather than later!

Choosing the right cooling system for your home

Now you know how to prepare for your cooling system installation, the next step is to choose the right unit for your property and place an order.

The range of air conditioning systems can be overwhelming, particularly as technology steps up a notch every couple of years. From split systems to ducted air conditioning, and everything in between, selecting the right system for your home is important to guarantee comfortable temperatures year-round.   Want to know more? ML Refrigeration will give you the lowdown on new installations.

As one of Brisbane’s leading and most trusted air conditioning companies, contact ML Refrigeration for all your cooling needs. We’ll make your air conditioning installations as effective and efficient and possible.   Call ML Refrigeration on 0420 993 233 or complete the online contact form today.

Need advice on preparing for air conditioning installations? Contact the experts at ML Refrigeration today.




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