Is your refrigeration mechanic licensed?

The easiest way to check if your refrigeration mechanic is licensed and fully qualified to handle work in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, is to use the Australian Refrigeration Council’s business search.

Enter your refrigeration mechanic’s details into the Australian Refrigeration Council’s search engine to ensure your refrigeration mechanic is licensed and the licence is current.

Why you must use a licensed refrigeration mechanic

1. Legal requirement

To legally perform work in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, refrigeration mechanics are required to undergo specific training to gain refrigeration and air conditioning qualifications.

Qualified refrigeration mechanics need to meet licence requirements and adhere to national regulations in trades, including electrical, refrigeration and air-conditioning. Performing refrigeration repairs and electrical work without a licence is an offence.

Only a fully-licensed refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic is authorised to complete a service or repairs on your refrigeration unit. It is your responsibility to ensure your refrigeration mechanic is authorised to conduct a service or repairs on your refrigeration unit and they are recognised by the Australian Refrigeration Council as holding the relevant licence.

2. Skills and training

Licensed refrigeration mechanics have undergone intensive training to develop the skills necessary to safely and efficiently repair or service your refrigeration unit. Refrigeration repair is technical work and requires specific skills and expertise.

Qualified refrigeration mechanics have been educated on commercial refrigeration repair and can provide a comprehensive diagnosis of your refrigeration unit before fixing it.

What if my refrigeration unit needs repairs?

If you suspect your refrigeration unit is not running as effectively as it should be or has completely broken down, contact a licensed refrigeration mechanic. Do not attempt to fix your own refrigeration unit.

If your electricity bill is through the roof, yet your products aren’t as cold as they should be, there could be a leak in your unit. If a leak exists, you are legally required to hire a licensed refrigeration mechanic to repair or replace the affected parts of the unit.

Refrigeration mechanics are experts in diagnosing your refrigeration issues and know how to keep them running at their optimum. Years of training and expertise ensure they work to industry standards to repair and service your refrigeration unit quickly and efficiently.

Professional refrigeration mechanic

Keeping your refrigeration unit working at its full potential is vital for the smooth running of your business. You need to ensure you hire not only a fully qualified refrigeration mechanic, but one that has years of technical refrigeration experience behind them. You should hire a mechanic that is professional, efficient and trained to understand your business needs.

If your business relies on the sale of meat, seafood, health products or any other perishable product, keeping your unit running at its best is vital. Refrigeration units are one of the hardest workers in a business running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ensure you look after and protect your hardest worker with regular upkeep and professional repairs.

Engaging a refrigeration mechanic, who specialises in commercial refrigeration repair will ensure your refrigeration unit is repaired properly and repaired to last. Expertly-trained mechanics know what to look for when inspecting a poorly functioning or broken down unit and know how to get it back up and running to the highest standard.

Skilled refrigeration mechanics can diagnose your refrigeration issue and explain what is involved to fix it. Fast and efficient, refrigeration mechanics will provide you with an up-front quote before bringing your refrigeration unit back to its full potential.

Commercial refrigeration mechanics have access to a wide range of parts, ensuring any repairs or maintenance you need will be done quickly and with Australian standard equipment. Don’t waste time sourcing your own parts or attempting your own repairs. Refrigeration mechanics often carry the parts you require in their van with them.

There are many different refrigeration units in use across Queensland and ML refrigeration mechanics have seen and know how to fix them all.

Leave refrigeration repair to the experts

When your business relies on the sale of food or health products, it is vital to keep refrigeration down-time to a minimum. With Queensland’s hot and humid weather, it can be tempting to rush in and try to fix your own refrigeration unit to save time and money.

Refrigeration repair work is technical and requires a high level of skills and expertise. Repairing your own refrigeration unit is not only illegal, but it places you and your unit at risk. You may think your electricity bill is going through the roof because of a leaky seal, but there could be a bigger issue at play. A qualified refrigeration mechanic can identify issues that are not always visible to the untrained eye. They can quickly diagnose your refrigeration unit’s issues and have it back up and running in no time.

Looking after your refrigeration unit

What is it they say about prevention being better than cure? Schedule routine check-ups for your refrigeration unit with a qualified refrigeration mechanic.

Keeping your unit clean and healthy can help you to lessen the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs. Once a month you should clean your condenser coils, fan blades and motor. Ensure you switch off your refrigeration unit before you commence cleaning to protect your safety and that of others.

Clean the interior of your refrigeration unit regularly and keep an eye on weeds, growth and mess around the exterior of your unit.

Refrigeration unit cleaning checklist:

  • condenser coil
  • fan blades and motor
  • interior cleaning
  • exterior cleaning.

It is also recommended you closely monitor your refrigeration unit temperatures and keep an eye on your refrigeration unit’s performance. Any out-of-the-ordinary variations in temperature could be a warning sign.

When your refrigeration unit is full, it runs at its optimum. Ensure your refrigeration unit is stocked well and used to its full potential.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for loose seals and rising electricity costs.

While refrigeration repairs should be left in the hands of the experts, these simple measures can help you to preserve your refrigeration unit.

Contact ML Refrigeration today to book a fully-licensed refrigeration mechanic to ensure your refrigeration unit is serviced or repaired to the highest standard.

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