Refrigeration Mechanic In Brisbane – Why You Need One

Don’t risk your fridge breaking down when you need it most. USE these tips from an expert refrigeration mechanic in Brisbane!

Expert Refrigeration Mechanic In Brisbane

A working and efficient fridge is probably the most important of your kitchen appliances. When fridges break down, there are health implications for you and your family, not to mention increased costs to the environment and your power bill. That’s why it pays to have a reliable refrigeration mechanic in Brisbane available when you need them. Keep the number handy…on the fridge!

What you need to know about your refrigerator

There is more to your fridge than meets the eye. It requires regular TLC to keep it in the best possible running order. It may appear to be shiny, innovative and at the top of its game but without regular maintenance this will come to an end. Sooner rather than later!

Picture this: it is the night before your big celebration. Just as you start preparing the family BBQ or Christmas lunch you realise your food is laden with salmonella because your fridge stopped working overnight. All those wasted dollars, un-edible food and for what? Because you thought the fridge would last decades.

Believe it or not, fridge mechanics in Brisbane do more than emergency repairs and if you want your fridge to continue being reliable, there are a few things you need to know!

Regular maintenance

Your fridge may look new but that doesn’t mean it will continue to run perfectly forever. But you can extend the life of your appliance with regular upkeep performed by a professional.

Maintenance starts with preventative check-ups. Think of it like going to the doctor for a quick once over to ensure everything is in perfect working order. Precautionary check-ups allow you to see past the fridge doors and determine whether or not it is still performing to its full potential.

To effectively implement regular maintenance it is important to consider the following:

  • Routine – make routine appointments with a qualified refrigeration mechanic every 12 months for a service and general once over. This will ensure that everything is exactly as it should be and if anything is less than perfect, it can be rectified before it becomes an issue.
  • Clean – you can perform some of the maintenance yourself, for free! Always read the manufacturers hand book before doing so.
  • Condenser coils should be cleaned monthly to remove lint, dirt and dust. When the condenser coils are dirty they have to work harder to perform. This will cause your electricity bill to rise and may result in damage to other parts of your fridge.
  • The motor and fan blades should be wiped down monthly with a soft cloth because dust and lint builds up. In an effort to minimise risk of moisture damage, use caution when cleaning and ensure the motor is covered.
  • Interior – Do not use bleach, steel wool or corrosive cleaning chemicals as these will cause damage to your refrigerator finishes and spoil your food. Using a mixture of warm water and soap to wipe the interior and seals of your fridge weekly.

Common failures

Just because your fridge stops working or loses its power to effectively keep cool, does not mean it is done for. There could be a simple fix for your underperforming appliance, so do not throw it away just yet!

  • Seals – When doing your weekly interior clean, check to make sure the seals are in good condition. They should not show signs of damage, splits and tears or have gaps. Fridge seals should be flexible to the touch. If your fridge seals are brittle and rigid they should be replaced.
  • Fan motors – As mentioned previously, dirty condenser coils can have a catastrophic effect on the fan motor. As a result of inadequate airflow, the motor tries to compensate by working harder which often causes it to stop working.
  • Thermometer – More often than not a faulty thermometer is the cause of your fridge failing. Your fridge not reaching or maintaining the optimal temperature could be due to dirty condenser coils restricting airflow or even lack of preventative maintenance.
  • Old appliance –After decades of being pushed to the limits, old technologies simply won’t run as well as new models. They were not designed to be energy efficient or to keep up with today’s busy lifestyles.
  • Overloading – Your fridge requires the perfect balance of being fully stocked. If it is not full enough it won’t run to its full potential and overloading will also have a negative effect on your fridge. This is because the additional work placed on the compressor motor will cause it to break down. Finding the perfect balance of keeping your fridge full without overfilling will provide your refrigerator the optimal condition to work to its best and reduce your electricity bill in the process.
  • Wiring – Frayed wires are very common and are also one of the easiest problems to fix once the fault has been identified. Finding them however can be difficult! If in doubt, call the experts.

There are many reasons you could find yourself in need of a refrigeration mechanic in Brisbane and performing emergency repairs is just one of them. Don’t risk skipping regular maintenance of your ‘seemingly good’ fridge because it may cost a few dollars.

By taking care of your fridge, it will serve you better for longer. This will ultimately save you money in the long run!

To prevent unnecessary breakdowns, get in touch with ML Refrigeration and speak to an expert refrigeration mechanic about your Brisbane fridge needs!

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