Prevent A Breakdown – Reasons To Get Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Commercial fridge units are sturdy appliances, but there are times when even the strongest machinery fails. That is why commercial refrigeration maintenance is essential to prolong the lifespan of your expensive equipment. To prevent a breakdown and avoid a costly mistake, refrigeration maintenance is essential.

What happens if you don’t schedule regular commercial refrigeration maintenance?

If your commercial operation relies on your refrigeration unit to cool food, you are risking your business if you don’t schedule regular maintenance visits.

Your food perishables will spoil and this is costly

If you wait for your refrigeration unit to break down, your food perishables may be at risk of spoiling if you don’t get the machinery fixed in time. There is a limit to how long refrigerated food will last when not kept at the required temperature. Imagine having to throw out food worth thousands of dollars because your refrigeration unit failed?

Bacteria may flourish

Certain foods can deteriorate and are prone to grow bacteria when not kept at a certain temperature. Bacteria causes food poisoning, and that’s no good for anyone! Imagine your company’s reputation, if a customer reports a food poisoning incident, which is due to your defective refrigeration? It’s not worth the risk.

You are putting your business at risk

Don’t put your business at risk of potentially hazardous situations with your customers; this is a serious threat to your operation. Equally, you don’t want to lose a tonne of money when you need to throw out spoiled food either. Schedule regular commercial refrigeration maintenance to prevent your fridges breaking down unexpectedly. Knowing your commercial refrigeration is in good working order gives you peace of mind.

Common problems with commercial refrigeration units

Many things can go wrong with refrigeration units, and that is why an engineer will check over everything thoroughly during a commercial refrigeration maintenance visit. The following problems are common with commercial refrigeration:

  • Temperature issues. There are times when refrigeration units can experience problems reaching the right temperatures. Such issues occur when air is not circulating properly, or if the temperature gauge is not reading, or is broken. Sometimes the issue is the compressor, which keeps your refrigerator cool. If your fridge is freezing up and has an ice build-up, this is an indicator that the evaporator fan is defective.
  • Power problems. The worst case scenario, particularly when you are running a business that relies on refrigeration, is when your units won’t power up. Sometimes this can be an easily rectified situation where the power cord has been knocked out of place. That said, the issue could be a bigger problem such as the control board being at fault.
  • Faulty or worn out door seals. Another common issue for commercial refrigeration units is a worn out door seal. Even the smallest gap in the door seal of your fridge unit can lead to warm air entering, which condenses and freezes causing the build-up of ice. If your faulty refrigeration door seal is not fixed, over time this will add pressure to your compressor and potentially lead to compressor failure.

Although the above problems are common, it is never wise to assume what the issue is, nor try to fix defective fridges yourself. When your equipment is on the blink, it might be tempting to try and rectify the situation yourself, but without the proper training you may make the problem worse. If anything does go wrong with your unit, call in the experts at the earliest opportunity.

To avoid this situation, you should schedule in regular commercial refrigeration maintenance visits. Ask an expert to thoroughly check over your systems throughout the year.

How to maintain your commercial fridge

Scheduled commercial refrigeration maintenance is one thing, but it is important to keep on top of your appliance cleanliness.

Regular cleans both inside and out will avoid a potential bacteria outbreak. Ice in your freezer can get dirty, contaminated and start to smell. Not only does this look bad from the customer’s perspective but dirty ice can house nasties, like salmonella or E coli. Don’t let your commercial fridge get to this point; keep the nasties at bay with regular cleans.

Regular cleans of your equipment will allow your commercial refrigeration unit to work more efficiently, which in turn extends the longevity of your equipment, keeping it in good working order.

Prevent a breakdown by scheduling commercial refrigeration maintenance

There really is nothing worse than a breakdown of your commercial refrigeration unit, particularly when you rely so heavily on it for your business. If your business focus is hospitality, or your refrigeration unit is used in the health profession, it is imperative that your equipment is working at its best.

To avoid a potential breakdown disaster, it is highly advisable to book in regular commercial refrigeration maintenance visits throughout the year.

What does a maintenance visit entail?

Depending on the age of your machinery and the way it is used, a maintenance professional will likely disassemble the unit, check components and completely clean out your system.

A commercial refrigeration maintenance visit will see a qualified engineer test out all major components of your equipment. If any faults are found, minor repairs will happen on site to prevent future breakdowns.

Without regular maintenance visits, the lifespan of your refrigeration equipment will be significantly reduced. If there is a small worn part that needs replacing on your refrigeration unit, this can be identified and fixed before it becomes a bigger problem. It is far better to pay the upfront costs of a commercial refrigeration maintenance visit than is it to risk an expensive mistake down the track.

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