Commercial Refrigeration Repair: Common Problems

Commercial Refrigeration Repair: Common Problems

For some businesses, commercial refrigeration is the biggest investment you will make and there is a very good reason for this. If your business relies on the sale of produce, meat, seafood or any other perishable product, then a faulty commercial refrigeration system can be devastating. Brisbane’s hot and humid temperatures can take their toll on commercial refrigeration and this is why it is important to keep yours maintained to the highest standard possible. For business owners with no knowledge of commercial refrigeration units – it is impossible to know if your refrigerator is operating at its best and it is incredibly easy to overlook some common problems that affect many commercial refrigerators in Brisbane. This article highlights the common problems associated with commercial refrigeration repair that business owners come across. Even if you have identified a problem it is still advisable to contact a professional to fix it, as commercial refrigerators can pose a threat in terms of electrical safety.

Some components that can be problematic

Like any refrigeration system, commercial refrigerators are comprised of a number of basic components that work together, to cool your fridge. Because their role is so pivotal in the operation of the refrigerator, the failure of a single part can have devastating effects. Most notably, these components include the evaporator coils and condenser coils, both of which constitute the cooling system of the refrigerator. They work in unison to draw hot air out of the refrigeration system and expel it into the atmosphere. This process begins in the compressor motor of the fridge, where a liquid coolant is forced in the evaporator coils. Despite common perceptions to contrary, the evaporator coils in the fridge actually generate heat and pressure, which is then applied to a coolant fluid as it is forced into the coils. As a result of the heat and the pressure, the coolant fluid evaporates and becomes a gaseous substance. Because of its physical properties, gas is better able to absorb heat than liquids or solids and this means that the gaseous coolant is constantly absorbing the heat from within the refrigerator and this is what allows the appliance to generate such low temperatures.

Once the heat has been absorbed however, it must be removed from the refrigerator to allow it to cool and this is where the condenser coils are useful. The gaseous coolant is pumped into the condenser coils, where it condenses and returns to a liquid state, thereby expelling the heat it had absorbed. The heat is then blown into the atmosphere by exhaust fans. Being so important, any damage to the coils of your commercial refrigerator is sure to make a noticeable difference. Another common issue associated with commercial refrigeration repair is any dust or cobwebs which build up on the coils. These can be wiped clean with a soft rag and even something as simple as that can have a surprising effect.

Air filters are often overlooked

In terms of commercial refrigeration repair, air filters are a feature that is often overlooked, but they serve a very important purpose and can ultimate contribute to the operation of your commercial refrigerator.

#1 What do they do?

The purpose of air filters is quite self-explanatory: they serve to filter dust and other such particles from the air before it enters the refrigeration unit. Dust particles or small bits of debris can enter air conditioning units when air filters are not working properly and this has the potential to damage some of the internal components. Both the evaporator coil and the condenser coil can sustain damage if dust gets into them through a substandard filter and that has the potential to break the refrigerator entirely. Any dusty build up in the coils will restrict the flow of the coolant and in an already pressurised environment this can be catastrophic.

#2 Efficiency

The cleanliness and air flow that your air filter offers will have a direct bearing on the efficiency of your unit as a whole. If your air filter has not been cleaned out for a long period of time, then chances are that is has filled with dust and this presents two potential issues. Firstly, a clogged air filter will be compromised and can allow dust to get through, which will often result in the above mentioned coil damage. Secondly, an excessively clogged air filter will make it far harder for your refrigeration unit to receive adequate air. This will, in turn, make the engine and compressor unit work much harder to get air in and this means that your commercial refrigeration system will be consuming more power and providing less effective refrigeration. Commercial refrigerators use a considerable amount of power as it is and this makes them quite expensive to run. Some businesses simply cannot afford to foot the extra cost of a suboptimal unit and this can come down to something as simple as the air filter.

#3 Longevity

A clogged air filter will not only effect the immediate power consumption, however. Unclean air filters make your fridge’s engine and compressor work harder, which ultimately places the entire system and far greater strain than it is built for. This will often lead to a gradual deterioration of the unit as a whole and that will eventually leave you with two options: rebuild the refrigerator or buy a new one. Both of these processes will incur an immense cost, which further emphasises the importance of maintaining a clean air filter.

Protect your commercial refrigeration from Brisbane’s heat

Commercial refrigeration systems can be quite complex and the issues listed above are just some of the many that can easily arise in the heat and humidity of Brisbane. The only way to truly ensure that your commercial refrigerator system is getting the best care possible is to leave its maintenance in the hands of a professional.

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