A Cold Room Maintenance Guide

Keep commercial refrigeration breakdowns and disruption to your business at a minimum with regular cold room maintenance and health checks.

It can be easy to plug in your shiny, new refrigeration unit and forget about it, trusting it will do its job with little effort on your behalf. You have a multitude of things to worry about with your business, and your fridge or cold room can slip to the bottom of the list.

It is important to remember that your fridge works incredibly hard for your business – usually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and it does need regular TLC.

The poor performance or failure of your fridge can have a devastating impact on your business. Just like a car needs a regular service, your refrigeration unit or cold room should be regularly maintained to ensure it runs at its optimum for your business.

The importance of refrigeration maintenance

Quality refrigeration units and cold rooms can be a hefty, yet essential, investment for your business. It is vital to protect this investment with regular care and maintenance to maximise the reliability and efficiency of your unit.

If your business relies on the sale of perishable food, medicinal or health products, you will know just how important it is for your cold room to work at its best. A poorly functioning fridge can have a devastating effect on product, not to mention your reputation and finances.

Refrigeration breakdowns can be costly, inconvenient and stressful. While regular maintenance can’t guarantee you will never have a breakdown with your equipment, it will work to prevent minor issues turning into major headaches.

Cold room maintenance checklist

Use this checklist to help your refrigeration unit or cold room run at its best.

  • Implement a cold room maintenance schedule
  • Care for your refrigeration unit or cold room, including:
    • recording refrigeration temperatures at least once daily
    • cleaning the interior of your refrigeration unit
    • ensuring the outside of your unit is free from obstruction.
  • Engage a refrigeration expert.

Implement a cold room maintenance schedule

Work with your refrigeration expert to lock in a regular cold room maintenance schedule as soon as you purchase your refrigeration unit, to ensure it runs at optimum levels every day of the year.

Highly trained refrigeration technicians can give you peace of mind that your refrigeration unit is running as it should be and you’re not in danger of hidden issues or costs. Technicians are skilled at identifying problems and analysing risk to ensure a minor issue does not become a costly one.

It is never too late to implement a cold room maintenance schedule. If your refrigeration unit has been subjected to considerable wear and tear and is functioning poorly, contact a refrigeration technician to give your cold room or unit a health check, diagnose any issues and implement a maintenance schedule moving forward.

Regular maintenance may seem like an ongoing cost your business could well do without, but being proactive with standard health checks can potentially reduce costs and stress in the long run.

Care for your refrigeration unit

While you should contact your local refrigeration professional to arrange regular refrigeration and cold room maintenance, there are simple measures you and your staff can implement to help preserve your unit.

Record the temperatures of your cold room

If possible, monitor and record the holding temperature of each of your refrigeration units every few hours. If every few hours is not feasible, once a day is sufficient. Temperature is a great indicator of how well your fridge or cold room is performing. There’s nothing worse than losing stock due to an unexpected breakdown. Any irregularities in temperature should be acted on immediately.

Keep your cold room well stocked

A full refrigeration unit or cold room runs more efficiently than a partially stocked unit. At the same time, a fridge that is overstocked can cause your fridge to work harder than it should. Be smart about how much refrigeration space you need and how well you use it to avoid unnecessary costs and wear and tear on your units.

Cleaning your refrigeration unit

Keeping your cold room or refrigeration unit clean and healthy is essential. If you opt for cleaning and maintaining your own fridge, it is vital you employ health and safety measures and switch your fridge off prior to cleaning.

Condenser coil cleaning

Some units have patented cleaners that automatically clean the condenser coil daily. If your unit doesn’t have this facility, you can clean your unit’s condenser coils at least once a month to remove dust, dirt and lint. Dirty condenser coils can cause your refrigeration unit to work harder than necessary potentially placing strain on other parts of your fridge, not to mention increasing your electricity bill. The manufacturer’s handbook will outline the location of your condenser coils.

Blades and motor cleaning

The blades and motor of your refrigeration unit should be wiped down once a month with a soft cloth. If you need to wash the blades, cover the motor with a dry cloth to avoid damage from moisture.

Cleaning the inside of your refrigeration unit

Warm, soapy water is all you need to clean the inside of your fridge. Bleach, steel wool and chemicals are damaging to refrigeration units and can leave strong odours behind – not ideal if you work in the hospitality industry.

While keeping the inside of your fridge clean is common sense, it can be easy to forget about the state of your condensing units kept outside. Remove any rubbish or weeds that may obstruct the airflow of your unit.

Engage a refrigeration expert

While there is much you can do yourself to maintain the performance of your refrigeration unit or cold room, hiring a refrigeration expert is the best way to ensure your unit is running at its optimum.

The ML Refrigeration commercial refrigeration team are highly trained professionals skilled at commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance. They understand not only the demands on your refrigeration units, but the demands of your business, and the importance of keeping downtime and costs at a minimum.

ML Refrigeration technicians have access to a wide range of parts, ensuring any repairs or cold room maintenance you need can be done quickly and with the right equipment.

Contact ML Refrigeration today to implement a cold room maintenance schedule and discuss your commercial refrigeration and cold room maintenance needs.



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