A Cold Room Temperature Guide

Cold rooms: they’re the backbone of the hospitality industry. Without them, we simply couldn’t store food and drinks in the volumes that we need to. But they’re no small investment; your cold room is probably one of the more expensive features of your business. That’s why business owners in all sorts of industries are looking to keep their cold rooms running for as long as possible. So how can you tell if your cold room is kicking along nicely? Well for us, it’s all about cold room temperatures. And in this guide, we will explain to exactly why they are so important!

Your cold room temperature is important, so keep an eye on it!

Your cold room temperature is basically a gauge of how well your cold room is operating. It’s also what keeps your food, drinks, and produce in a fine condition. So naturally, you should be keeping a close eye on your cold room temperature. Even the smallest fluctuations can cause the contents of your cold room to spoil. Those changes can also signify an even larger underlying problem with your cold room.

How do you know what cold room temperature you should be running?

We know how important cold room temperatures are, but how do we know what they should be? After all, different products need to be kept at different temperatures. And if your cold room temperature is lower than it needs to be, you might be losing unnecessary money on your power bill. That’s why research is so important. The government has released several guidelines surrounding the safe storage of food. These are helpful for two reasons. Firstly, they give you a clear insight into the temperatures that you need to be running in your cold room. Secondly, they allow you to achieve these temperatures with precision, so that you aren’t working your cold room refrigerator harder than you have to. So work out what you are storing, and check your facts – it will pay off every time!

If your cold room temperature rises suddenly, you might have a problem with the refrigeration unit

A lot of cold rooms have alarms and warning signs to let you know when something is not right. But a lot of the time, these only come into action when the damage has been done. And as you could imagine, that’s not always cheap! So our advice is stay in touch with your cold room temperatures. Small or incremental rises in temperature can tell you that something is not quite right. This will give you time to call in the professionals and identify the problem before it causes you too much grief.

Try to keep your cold room temperature stable – it will reduce the cost of your electricity bill!

In certain circumstances, the temptation may be there to increase or decrease your cold room temperature suddenly. In fact, situations like that often arise in hospitality – for example if an order of drinks arrives late. We know that it can be unavoidable, but raising and lower your cold room temperatures suddenly can put a lot of strain on your refrigeration unit. If it happens frequently, the components can even start to wear. So if you can, try and maintain a stable cold room temperature.

To maintain the correct cold room temperature, get your cold room serviced by a professional

We’ve saved our best tip until last: don’t forget to get regular services for your cold room! Their task is not an easy one and, like a car, your cold room needs some care from a refrigeration specialist, about every six months. Services are the best way to spot problems before they get too bad. It’s also a great way to keep your cold room temperature at the perfect level. With frequent services, your cold room will be running very nicely for a long time to come.

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