To Rent Or Not To Rent A Commercial Refrigerator

If you have a business that deals in chilled products, commercial refrigeration is going to be a core part of your business model. No doubt it will be at the forefront of your mind when you’re setting up shop! But they’re not exactly cheap. In fact, commercial refrigeration units employ some pretty advanced technology and that means they can have a price tag to match. Luckily, there’s a way around that: commercial refrigeration rentals! Sure, you may like the idea of owning your appliances outright. But commercial refrigeration rental can actually be very beneficial for you and your business. Here’s how.

Choosing commercial refrigeration rentals can save you the massive initial outlay of a new unit

When dealing with the pros and cons of commercial refrigeration rentals, it’s worth starting at the start. That means considering the significant financial cost of buying a commercial fridge. If your business has to store cold products, then you’re going to need a commercial fridge right from the get go. That means, if you plan on buying one, you’ll need to foot the cost before your business has even started generating income. The only way to do that for most businesses is with a loan. So rather than add to your business’s debt, why not consider commercial refrigeration rentals? With rentals, you can start trading faster, and without the monetary burden.

If your business’s budget is tight, commercial refrigeration rentals give you access to newer models

Consider this: you have enough money to buy and entry model commercial refrigerator, but it doesn’t quite meet your needs. Should you take the dive and buy the base model, get a loan and buy a bigger one, or go for commercial refrigeration rentals? We think the answer speaks for itself! Again, you don’t want to increase your debt by choosing a loan. And you don’t want to spend what is still a lot of money on a model that doesn’t quite meet your needs. So why not go for commercial refrigeration rentals? That way, you can access the best of the best in commercial refrigeration, without the price tag.

When you buy a new commercial refrigerator, instead of a rental, its value depreciates instantly

When you buy a house, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it will probably retain most of its value. If you’re lucky, it might even gain some extra value! But commercial refrigerators are not so forgiving. When you buy a commercial refrigerator, you are not going to see its value rise as it ages. Instead, it will depreciate in value and that begins from the moment it leaves the store. But still, it’s necessary to get commercial refrigeration for your business. And that’s where commercial refrigeration rentals come into the picture. With rentals, you don’t need to carry the burden of depreciating value – but you still get the benefits of its use!

What about maintenance for commercial refrigeration rentals?

Along with electricity, maintenance is one of the main ongoing costs of commercial refrigeration. If you purchase a commercial refrigerator, that cost will be all yours to bear. But if you rent one from the right company, they may include maintenance in the agreement. That way, you get reliability as an added bonus with your commercial refrigeration rental. And when it comes to business, reliability is invaluable!

Your commercial refrigeration is the backbone of your business: it shouldn’t damage you financially

For a lot of retail, hospitality, and specialist businesses, commercial refrigeration is simply indispensable. You need to it make money, but that doesn’t mean you should cripple yourself financially just to get one. There are easier solutions, and commercial refrigeration rentals are among of them!

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