How to Fix a Fridge Door Seal… Spoiler: You Can’t


If you think you know how to fix a fridge door seal, then think again.

It may appear to be a simple strip out and replace job you can do yourself to save time and money, but be warned—an ill-fitted fridge door seal can be a costly mistake for your business.

When it comes to replacing commercial fridge door seals, it is a job best left to the experts.

Quality refrigeration repair

If your business relies on the sale of meat, seafood, health products or any other perishable product, keeping your refrigerator maintained to the highest standard is essential. With your refrigerator running all day, every day, the effects of a poorly functioning fridge can hurt your business in more ways than one.

It doesn’t take long for your electricity bill to climb when warm air is let into your fridge, not to mention its effects on the produce you intend to sell, and your reputation.

Engaging a refrigeration mechanic, who specialises in commercial refrigeration repair, will ensure your fridge door seal is repaired correctly and repaired to last. Expertly trained mechanics know how to ensure your refrigeration system is running at the highest level.

Commercial refrigeration mechanics have access to a wide range of parts, ensuring any repairs or maintenance you need will be done quickly and with the right equipment. Mechanics often carry the parts you require with them in their van. There is no need to waste time sourcing the right seal for your fridge when a mechanic already has all of the parts you need.

ML Refrigeration mechanics use Australian-made parts under Australian warranties, tested to Australian standards. Don’t run the risk of purchasing a cheap imitation that will only cause you problems in the long run. Imitation seals can be less reliable and are not built to last under Australia’s tough conditions.

If fitted correctly, a seal can last many years. If broken or damaged during the fit-out process, you can considerably shorten the life span of your seal.

Accredited refrigeration mechanics

ML Refrigeration mechanics are accredited and hold the required industry licenses.

They understand the demands on refrigeration for the food service and health sectors and know the importance of keeping downtime to a minimum.

Our mechanics have been educated on commercial refrigeration repair health and safety and ensure that their safety and that of those around them is the number one priority. You should switch your fridge off when giving it a thorough clean, not to mention maintenance. Be smart and safe—don’t put yourself at risk attempting to fix your own fridge.

Comprehensive diagnosis and refrigeration repair

You might think your fridge door seal is the cause of your rising power bills, but it could be a deeper issue not easily recognised at first glance.

Commercial refrigeration mechanics provide a comprehensive service and will not only check your seal, but conduct a thorough inspection of your entire fridge to ensure they accurately diagnose the issue.

A damaged seal could be causing problems for other areas of your fridge. Even a tiny gap in your fridge door seal can lead to warm and moist air entering your fridge. This warm air quickly condenses and freezes causing the build-up of ice. This can add pressure to your compressor and potentially lead to compressor failure.

Don’t attempt a quick fix to your fridge door seal; let the experts conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and repair, to ensure there aren’t any nasty surprises that you’ve overlooked.

Risks of DIY fridge door seals

You might think you’re saving yourself time and money replacing your own fridge door seal, but you run the risk of causing more damage in the long run.

  • Ill-fitted fridge door seals can cause your electricity bill to rise, damage your food and place pressure on other parts of your fridge.
  • The incorrect diagnosis of your fridge can result in you missing serious damage to other areas of your fridge.
  • You put your health and safety at risk, and that of others.
  • Parts for fridge door seals can be hard to find, while cheaper imitation parts aren’t built to last.

How do I know if my fridge door seal needs replacing?

There are a couple of warning signs that your fridge door seal needs replacing:

  • your fridge is icing up
  • food isn’t as cold as it should be
  • shelves are cracking
  • your electricity bill is rising
  • there is condensation around your fridge
  • the seal is split, moulding or falling away.

Check your fridge door seal

Every time you clean your fridge, make sure you check the condition of your seals. They should not show any signs of damage, including splits, tears or gaps. They should feel flexible when you touch them. If your fridge door seal is brittle and stiff, this is a warning sign that it is in need of repair.

A simple way to test the health of your fridge door seal is to close the door on a small piece of paper and pull the paper out slowly. If there is a slight pull on the paper, your seal should be okay. If it slides right out then it is time to replace the seal.

How to ensure your fridge is running properly

To ensure your commercial refrigeration system is running at its best, you should run regular tests and maintenance. Correctly maintaining your fridge will save you energy and money, and reduce the risk of downtime. Proper fridge maintenance will also maximise the efficiency of your equipment allowing you to focus your time on your business.

Your refrigeration system is an investment to your company. It is vital you maintain it well. A maintenance schedule should be implemented from the moment you purchase your fridge to ensure you minimise breakdowns, costs and downtime.

ML Refrigeration offers 24-hour service seven days a week and is equipped specifically for emergency situations.

Don’t waste your time or money trying to work out how to fix a fridge door seal. Contact ML Refrigeration today to discuss your commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance needs.

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