Different Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

There are so many different types of commercial refrigeration around that it can be hard to keep up. If you need a certain type of commercial refrigerator for your business, it is crucial that you make the right selection. To help you navigate the massive range of commercial refrigeration equipment, we have developed this guide. Simply have a read and get familiar with a few of the basic principles of commercial refrigeration. It might make all the difference!

Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Suit Different Industries

The most important thing to remember is that commercial refrigeration equipment is utilitarian. Unlike domestic refrigerators, commercial models are designed to be as functional as possible. But what you should also keep in mind is that functionality looks different in different industries. For example, some businesses prioritise visibility. This means that they want all of their products to be clearly visible to customers. As a result, they will mostly use glass-door refrigerators. Alternatively, other business might prioritise storage. That would make larger refrigerators or freezers more suitable. The main thing is to find the refrigeration solution that best meets your commercial needs.

What Are Some of the Most Common Types of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment?

If you are thinking of commercial refrigeration equipment and nothing comes to mind, don’t worry! We have come up with a short list of some very common commercial refrigeration options. These exist in a wide range of hospitality and retail businesses, so there’s no doubt that they will be familiar to you. Each one of the examples is designed to perfectly suit its application and that is what makes them so popular.

#1 The Humble Bar Fridge and Standing Refrigerators

The humble bar fridge and similarly designed standing refrigerators are by far one among the most common types of commercial refrigeration equipment. These come in a variety of shapes, which means that they fit easily in small spaces. They are particularly useful for bars and restaurants. For small bars, where space is at a premium, a small bar fridge is a great choice. You can tuck them away easily, but still, ensure that the drinks are cold and plentiful! The taller standing refrigerator is great for a larger par or pub, where the line is long and so it the bar. They may occupy a little more space, but that is a small price to pay for their superior storage. They are also popular in food retail businesses, where customers select from a range of cold or frozen food items.

#2 Chest Freezers

Chest freezers have a classic commercial look about them. They are very useful in the meat and seafood industries, where cold storage is vital. They are often used to store goods that can only be bought frozen. Mostly, this consists of specialist meats, seafood, or bat. However, chest freezers are so useful that they have even been adapted for household use. There is nothing like having easy access to over one hundred liters of sub-zero storage space!

#3 Commercial Cold Rooms

Finally, there is the commercial cold room. Often hidden out the back, they might not be as visible to the public, but they are still very common. Cold rooms are most prevalent in the meat, seafood and fresh produce industries. In most cases, they are used in wholesale facilities where perishable items have to be stored in very large quantities. But they also make an appearance in most bottle shops. There is nothing better than a cold room for storage capacity. They can adapt to almost any size and create temperatures of less than zero. With such advanced capabilities and storage space, cold rooms are the back bone of many small, medium and large businesses.

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