5 Common Problems With your Walk-In Freezer

Walk-in freezers are the backbone of many small, medium and large business. From fresh produce to fish and chips, walk-in freezers allow your business to operate effectively and efficiently. So what do you do when your walk-in freezer starts to struggle? Because they operate non-stop, walk-in freezers do encounter minor issues from time to time. If you have noticed that something is awry in your walk-in freezer, act quickly. By promptly getting the professional help you need, you can have your walk-in freezer back in action in no time! To help you work out what the issue might be, we have listed 5 common problems with your walk-in freezer below.

Your Walk-in Freezer Is Making A Lot of Noise

If you are working around a walk-in freezer all day, excess noise can be enough to drive you mad. But spare a thought for your walk-in freezer! It works all day, every day, and the excess noise is an indicator that this is starting to take its toll. There are a few things that can cause a noisy walk-in freezer. One of the more common reasons is a defective compressor. The precise nature of the defect depends on a few factors. The only way to know for sure is to get a professional refrigeration technician to service your unit. It is important that you always seek professional help and don’t try to fix this yourself. Walk-in freezers have complex electrical components and high voltage currents. This means that attempting to fix them can be dangerous.

The Temperature Alarm Is Sounding But The Thermometer Reading Is Normal

This is one of the most common, and most annoying, issues faced by business owners with walk-in freezers. If you have heard your freezer alarm before, you will know exactly how shrill and piercing it is. Your first possible solution is always hitting the reset button. But that does not always do the trick. If your reset has yielded no results, the issue is probably the alarm circuit. Again, this is a job for a professional. Any circuit work is inherently dangerous, as there is likely to be live electrical wiring present. Professional technicians have the right training and tools to fix this problem quickly, effectively and safely.

There Is Heavy Ice Build-up On Your Walk-in Freezer Ceiling

If ice is starting to get pretty thick on the ceiling of your walk-in freezer, you might have a problem. In most cases, this build-up indicates an issue with the fan delay relay. This system is designed to regulate the timing of your coil fans after the freezer performs a defrosting cycle. If there is any issue with this relay, the defrost cycle will become skewed and ice will begin to build up. Fortunately, this is a pretty standard fix for a qualified technician.

Frozen Drain Pan

If you notice that ice is beginning to build up in your drain pan, act fast. This issue only gets worse over time and it can cause a number of other issues in the future. The longer you leave, the higher the chance of further damage and the higher the cost of repairs. Often this is simply caused by a clogged drain line, so it’s worth inspecting yours for any signs of blockage. If it appears to be functioning normally, the issue might be related to the drain pan heating system. To confirm, and get it fixed, get in touch with a professional.

Frozen Door Seals

Door seals are one of the more perishable features of a walk-in freezer. As a result, it is not uncommon for them to deteriorate. When they do, they will allow air to pass freely through the door. This can result in a build-up of ice and a less effective freezer.

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