4 Commercial Refrigeration Energy Saving Tips

Commercial refrigeration: chances are, it’s the backbone of your business! Whether you work in hospitality, retail, or fresh produce, your commercial refrigeration is your number one asset. But it comes at a price, and that price reveals itself every time you get a power bill! So in a world where business means cutting costs, how can you reduce your energy use but keep your commercial refrigeration? Well, there are plenty of ways! Conserving energy with commercial refrigeration often means making changes at the margins. Trimming off a little bit of energy use here and there can really add up to great savings!

#1 You want your commercial refrigeration displays to look good, but try minimise anti-sweat heaters

You and your team have come in early. You don’t open for another hour, but you have to make sure the display is perfect. After all, it is what keeps your customers interested! So we understand that the last thing you want is a display case that’s all fogged up with condensation. It’s natural, then, that you would have an anti-sweat heater! These are great additions to commercial refrigeration systems – they keep your display clear. But they also use a lot of energy. So how can you conserve energy, while keeping your display clear? It’s easy – look into installing adaptive controls. These controls will allow you to better control the energy that your anti-sweat heaters consumer! They do so by activating only when necessary – pretty cool, right?

#2 Commercial refrigeration requires good door gaskets – keep an eye on yours!

Commercial refrigeration systems are big and complicated. So who would have though that something as simple as a strip of rubber could be the cause of your trouble? Deterioration fridge gaskets and seals are the number one cause of high energy consumption. But how can this be? Well, let’s break it down. Your commercial refrigerator works hard to cool a relative large area. This area is the inside of the fridge. So imagine how much harder it will have to work if most of the cold air is escaping through an unsealed door! The answer is quite a lot harder! And if you want proof, check your next energy bill. Luckily, getting new ones fitted is pretty cheap and the difference will be palpable!

#3 Good airflow means smooth running! Keep your commercial refrigeration unit well ventilated

As complex as they sound, the basic premise behind commercial refrigeration is pretty simple: remove hot air, keep cold air. But keeping this going is where the complexity starts to creep in! Basically, your commercial refrigerator needs to circulate a lot of air! So keeping it well ventilated is a must. If the refrigeration units are blocked or poorly ventilated, your commercial refrigeration system will have to work a whole lot harder. And this means more energy consumption! So keep your vents clear and enjoy cold air for less.

#4 Commercial refrigeration needs good lighting. But why not fit motion sensors?

There are so many different types of commercial refrigeration getting around. In fact, there are probably a few varieties in your store alone! But what is the one thing they all have in common? Lighting! All fridges need good lighting, from a mini bar fridge in your spare room at home, to a walk in freezer at the warehouse! But lighting is another power hungry feature, so what can we do to make it a little less power-heavy? That’s easy – set your lights on motion sensors! If your commercial refrigeration lighting is set to motion activate, you will be using power when, and only when, you need it! Problem solved!

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