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Before you call any old refrigeration mechanic Brisbane has to offer, make sure they are trained, qualified and most importantly understand your business’ needs!

You have spent tireless hours and pockets of dollars turning your vision into a profitable business and obviously you want to keep it that way. Whether you are a butcher, own and run a restaurant or café, supermarket or office; you want your reputation to remain positive. When your refrigeration fails it can have a catastrophic effect on your stock and fresh produce but also the wellbeing of your staff and customers.

If you’ve been searching online for ‘Fridge Mechanic Brisbane’ or ‘Refrigeration Mechanic Brisbane’, ML Refrigeration is the perfect choice. Whether you are in need of a highly reliable Brisbane fridge mechanic or your air conditioner has simply cut out and is no longer performing, you will require the assistance of a professional. Sometimes there is no explanation, no warning and just an excessively high electricity bill that alerts you to the fact something may not be running quite as it should. This is where the ML Refrigeration team will be able to let you know whether you need commercial fridge repair Brisbane or simply a service from a qualified Brisbane refrigeration mechanic.

The experienced team put you and your business needs above all and want to make the repairs process as smooth and stress free as possible. They will organise an appropriate time and date to assess the equipment and see what needs to be repaired and their skilled technicians will diagnose the fault on-site at a time that is convenient to you. If the malfunction requires a special part that they don’t keep on hand, they will have it priority shipped. If your problem is fairly straightforward, they are sure to have the part required in their extensive range of equipment. They will provide you with a comprehensive, ‘no surprises’ quote and can fix the issue right there and then.

Priding themselves on the ability to deliver a fast and efficient service for all their clients; you are kept up to date and informed every step of the way with ML Refrigeration. No job is too big or too small for Brisbane’s specialised 24/7 mechanics.

For all your fridge and refrigeration problems call ML Refrigeration Mechanics Brisbane today on 0420 993 233.

Fridge Mechanic Brisbane - Common Issues

Unfortunately no break down ever occurs at a convenient time! It is almost guaranteed to happen when in the midst of a busy period such as rush hour, the middle of meal service for the hospitality industry or in the middle of the night. For this reason it's essential to have the number of a reliable Brisbane refrigeration mechanic on hand for when you need it most. The team at ML Refrigeration Mechanics Brisbane have seen almost everything over the years, but here are some of the more common reasons for fridge break downs:

1. Thermometer related issues

Sometimes it can be as simple as your fridge not performing to its full potential or the thermometer not reaching the optimal temperature. This could be a result of several things, including lack of routine preventative maintenance by a qualified Brisbane fridge mechanic. It could potentially be dirty condenser coils or inadequate airflow to the condensing units outside caused by weeds, grass or rubbish.

2. Parculiar smells

Other times you may simply notice a peculiar smell coming from your equipment that you cannot identify even after emptying the contents and checking for spoilage. This could be due to excess moisture caused by an over worked part. A trained Brisbane fridge mechanic has the experience to be able to pinpoint the issue and make the required repairs, often straight away.

3. Fan motors & coils

Dirty coils can have a dramatic effect on fan motors causing them fail. They cease working as a result of restricted airflow and the motor trying to work overtime to maintain the unit’s performance. Not every refrigeration mechanic Brisbane wide will take the time to clean the coils to prevent breakdowns, so this can be something to look out for. Of course, with ML Refrigeration Mechanics Brisbane, we certainly check your coils,as long as a host of other checks to keep your commercial fridges running at their best. 

4. Frayed cabling

Frayed wires and cabling are a very common cause resulting in the end of proper functioning and fridge break downs. While it is one of the easiest commercial refrigeration related issues to fix, the location of the faulty cable must first be identified. This can often be the complicated bit!

5. Over loading your refrigeration unit

While your fridge is designed to keep your food goods chilled, there can be a negative effect by over filling it with stock and problems will begin to arise. Due to the extra stress that is placed on the compressor motor, it can cause your refrigerator compressor to break down. This not only leaves you with a costly repair bill but it also means you risk losing precious produce. If you have that much stock in the fridge it may be worth considering purchasing another fridge to help take some of the load. This does not mean however that your fridge should be scarcely used; by not utilising the space efficiently and storing a good amount of products inside, it can potentially cause your electricity bill to sky rocket as well. It is logical to only have the required amount of fridges needed and not just have one for the sake of it being there. If you wish ML Refrigeration Mechanics Brisbane to check your fridge load against the capacity of your cooling unit, just ask, as we're always happy to share our advice. 

6. Old machines aren't always a bargain

Yes you may have picked up an older refrigerator, cooler or freezer for a bargain price, but it is generally because they are prone to breaking down. Older equipment doesn’t perform as well as newer models because they are simply, old. They are designed and created with older, less efficient technology and they generally lose more efficiency with age. Not to mention they have already put in decades of hard work and, more often than not, with the bare minimum routine maintenance implemented. Unfortunately they simply do not run as efficiently and they can be a real power drainer, which results in excessive electricity bills. If you are considering buying a second hand unit or you want your older refrigerations assesses, just ask your ML Refrigeration Brisbane fridge mechanic and we'd be happy to help.

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Tips For Dealing With Brisbane Refrigeration Mechanic Emergencies

Commercial refrigeration emergencies can happen at any time. You more often than not receive no warning of the impending break down which is why it can have disastrous effects on your business and productivity.

There are so many different types, styles and brands of fridges and equipment. At ML Refrigeration, we’ve seen them all! These include the following but are not limited to: cool rooms, drink fridges, cake displays, cabinets, deli displays, glass door refrigerated cabinets, prep fridges, open display refrigeration, upright fridges, gelato/ice cream displays, glass-top freezers, ice maker machines, counter top fridges, chest freezers and freezer rooms. With such a variety of commercial fridge products on the market, it’s no wonder businesses occasionally experience an emergency!

  • Don’t be afraid to call our refrigeration mechanic in Brisbane any time, with any questions you might have. Even if you’re not sure there is a major problem, it is better to have it checked than have it completely stop working when you need it most.
  • Emergencies occur at all hours of the day and night; if you are considering leaving it until the morning or the next business day, you could risk yourself being a lot more out of pocket. Repair bills are not only about the actual mechanics of the machine and labour but also spoilage costs and potential loss of customers as a result of this business interruption and equipment downtime.
  • Choose an experienced fridge mechanic (like the team at ML Refrigeration!) who travels with an extensive range of spare parts. This ensures fast repairs and no long delays waiting for imported parts to arrive for who knows where!

Refrigeration Break Downs In Brisbane

The ML Refrigeration Mechanics Brisbane team are highly experienced fridge mechanics, but they also specialise in air conditioning repairs and maintenance. ML Refrigeration Mechanics hold the correct licenses for air con work and pride themselves on their ability to make repairs, carry out routine maintenance and attend emergency call outs.

Unfortunately, Queensland can be very hot and humid which means effective refrigeration and air conditioning is a must for all businesses. If you happen to experience the disastrous effect of a broken down or faulty air conditioner in the midst of summer, you could potentially lose customers and ultimately lose sales. Because Brisbane can reach high levels of heat, some business owners are forced to relocate or hire temporary equipment while repairs are being made. This can cause a great deal of disruption for staff and customers but it will also leave you significantly out of pocket. When it comes to businesses like hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, faulty air conditioners can result in major health concerns as well as profit loss.

Refrigeration Maintenance Brisbane

Just like a refrigeration unit, there are several steps you can take to ensure your air conditioner is running at its optimal level. If you do not feel confident in performing these maintenance tasks, it is best to hire someone a professional Brisbane commercial refrigeration mechanic

  • Filters – It seems like a step everyone knows about but one that is often overlooked or forgotten until a lack of performance begins to make itself present. Cleaning air con filters is the most important maintenance task as it will ensure the effectiveness of your air conditioner. The filters should be routinely cleaned or replaced because dirty and clogged filters limit the normal airflow and reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency considerably
  • Coils – Similarly to refrigeration condenser coils; as a result of the air conditioner’s condenser coil being outside in the elements, it collects dirt and dust over its years of use. While keeping the filters clean helps to prevent the evaporator coil from soiling quickly, it will still collect dirt and will need to be cleaned every so often