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Choices When Looking For Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane

Split system air conditioners are popular in Brisbane for both residential and commercial needs. Designed to offer a level of comfort that is specific to a relatively small or contained zone, they offer a range of benefits and still provide for much needed cooling during Brisbane’s long hot summers. So, you’ve looked online for ‘Split System Air Conditioner Brisbane‘ or ‘Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane‘ and you’re not sure who to contact? At ML Air Conditioning Brisbane, our aim is to provide you with as much guidance as possible, so give us a call first.

If you are looking at installing an air conditioning system but not quite sure which variety is going to most appropriate, do take a close look at our split system air conditioner Brisbane solutions, as we have a wide range of choices for every situation and every budget. Split system air conditioners are relatively easy to install, they can be relatively inexpensive and best of all, they’ll provide great temperature control. If you’re design conscious, you can customise the look of your Brisbane split system air conditioner, so your indoor unit blends with your décor. Easy!

Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane – How Do They Work?

A split system air conditioner works effectively to lower the temperature in a relatively small sized area. As the name suggests, it is an air conditioner that is split into two parts; typically a wall hung component inside the home and an external component, known as the condenser. The external unit consists of a compressor designed to work at the refrigerator for cooling and heating. The internal component, also known as a fancoil, cleverly distributes the cool or warm air throughout the room it is fitted to.

Because split systems require no ducts like central or ducted air conditioning systems and are easy to install, they are enormously popular in both domestic and commercial properties. The versatility of split system air conditioners also extends to the number of units that you can hook up to a condenser. You can have one or multiple internal units connected to just one condenser, allowing you to heat or cool different areas in your home at the same time.

The Best Brisbane Split System Air Conditioning Solution For Your Home Or Office

ML Split Air Conditioning Brisbane will come and assess your air conditioning requirements on-site and advise you on the most effective and energy efficient solution available. The team are also able to offer a wide range of split system air conditioner options from sales, to supply plus air conditioner installation Brisbane wide, plus ongoing repairs and maintenance.

A split system can warm the house in winter, and cool it down in summer. And whatever the weather, our expert team at ML Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane can have it up and running in your home in no time.

Give the team at ML Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane a call today for a free, no obligation quote and the chance to have your home assessed for your individual situation. You’ll be guaranteed that the split system air conditioner unit you ultimately purchase will not only be perfectly suited to offer you the ultimate climate control solution for your whole home but be installed hassle free.

All of the ML Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane team members are fully qualified and licensed. On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they can answer any questions and service your needs in the unlikely event that your split system air conditioner breaks down. For the highest quality service and personalised solutions, enquire about installing a split system air conditioning system today. Contact ML Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane today for all of your refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical solutions.

Advantages Of A Split System Air Conditioning Brisbane System

Split system air conditioners are the most common air conditioning unit installed across Australia. They are less expensive when compared to ducted air conditioning systems, but that is far from their only advantage, as highlighted below.

1. Easy Installation For Split System Air Con Units

Some air conditioning units, such as ducted air conditioners Brisbane, are best installed into a property whilst it is being constructed. Split system air conditioners do not require a mini renovation to have them installed.

Whilst professional air conditioning installers Brisbane wide will advise you of the best location to house your Brisbane split system air conditioner, you do have options. Unlike a window-type air conditioners, split air conditioners do not have the limitation of being installed near or underneath a window. If you are looking for assistance with your air conditioning installation for either split or ducted systems, ML Split Air Conditioners Brisbane can look after you all the way.

2. Lots Of Design Options For the Inside Split Unit

The condenser unit is positioned outside of the home in a discreet place and requires only minimal space. The internal component comes in a range of stylish designs to complement the decor of your home. Split system air conditioners also allow for some installation flexibility, as they can be wall mounted on the wall, or positioned in an area that is going to offer the most effective result.

3. Split System Air Conditions Are Energy & Cost Efficient

Not only do wall hung split system air conditioners have low initial purchase and installation costs, compared to ducted units, but they are very energy and cost efficient to run. This is because they are designed to only heat or cool one room or one zone. This allows people to save money by not cooling or heating every room in the house.

4. Control Options For Your Split System Air Conditioners

For those who own homes with several rooms a Brisbane split system air conditioner has many advantages over window units. One advantage is that you won't have to purchase a separate air conditioner for each room as you can purchase multiple unit heads, which are installed separately yet linked to the one external unit. Each internal head effectively operates as a completely separate unit. This offers total flexibility and ensures that you can set each room at a different temperature or opt to only heat or cool one room as needed. Each zone can be set at the temperature you want to maintain and you can even turn off the air in certain areas when they are not in use. Most units come with a remote control too, as well as an easy to view thermostat and temperature.

5. Easy Maintenance

Never has an air conditioner been easier to maintain! Fitted with washable filters and only requiring periodic attention, you’ll find that you’ll rarely need to call upon a technician once your Brisbane split air conditioner units are installed.

6. Low Noise - Perfect For Bedrooms

With a split system air conditioner, because the condenser is located outside, there is little or no noise inside of the home. The gentle humming sound is almost inaudible. This makes this particular design of air conditioner perfect for bedrooms.

7. Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane Air Cleaning

Some of the newer models come equipped with air filters on the indoor units that work to help clean the air, remove allergens and even some odours. Improving air quality without lifting a finger is comforting and just part of the latest technology being built into Brisbane split system air conditioners.

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Considerations Before Installing A Brisbane Split System Air Conditioning Unit?

With a split system air conditioning system, there are a few points to consider for your air conditioning installation Brisbane. Have a think about the rooms in your home or office that are most used as this can help determine the heating and cooling requirements. The position of your home on your land can also impact the need for more than one internal unit, particularly when you live in Brisbane and are regularly subjected to long hot summers and humid temperatures.

There's a wide range of split system air conditioner Brisbane units to service a range of needs. However, it's critical to select the right capacity, so the unit purchased is fit for the room size. Once you have the right capacity, you can consider the design elements. There are plenty of ways that split system units are being created to blend into your home so take your time to select one that suits your tastes as well as your budget.

If the choices become too overwhelming, it may be time to chat to an experienced Brisbane split air air conditioning expert for advice. ML Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane is a leading family owned company servicing both commercial and residential clients. If you have a question, our technicians will have the answers, so call today! 

How Much Do Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane Cost?

Split system air conditioning units are one of the most cost effective solutions to keep a home or office environment comfortable all year round. The best advice is to contact a professional Brisbane air conditioning installer or an air conditioning company, such as ML Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane, before you purchase a unit.

There are a few key aspects to consider and the overall cost can differ depending on the number of internal units required and the capacity needed to warm and cool your zones effectively. You’ll need to consider:

  • The size of the home or office
  • Whether the property is single or multi storey
  • The number of rooms that require separate heating and cooling

Depending on the unit purchased, you can also have even further flexibility by opting for a super quiet, low capacity unit installed into a bedroom, but a higher capacity unit installed into a lounge where there is a larger zone to control. Plus each internal unit can look different; a simple design for the bedrooms and one more stylish for the lounge. Such versatility and flexibility has never been so affordable.

It’s not only the choice of your split system air conditioner which is important, but also how well it is installed. To enjoy maximum benefit of airflow, an installation expert can help advise exactly what unit is most suitable and the best positions within the room to install it.

If you are considering installing split system air conditioning into your Brisbane home, give ML Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane a call today! 

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