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If the weather fluctuations in Brisbane are causing you to experience greater discomfort in your home or office, ducted air conditioning may be the answer. The desire to have a relaxed environment to live and work in is causing the demand for ducted air conditioning to rapidly rise. Ducted air conditioning is the perfect solution for climate control and they offer discreet cooling without the need for unsightly wall units. There are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed by installing a ducted air conditioning unit. Many people begin their search for ‘Ducted Air Conditioning Prices Brisbane‘ or ‘Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane‘ to find a shortlist of local professionals, but it’s hard to know who to choose. Rest assured that the team at ML Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane are here to help. Call us today and stop the searching!

Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane – How Do The Units Work?

A ducted air conditioning Brisbane system operates from a central cooling unit, which then works to distribute air to each room via ducts. Due to the way in which it is installed, it is a solution most recommended when a new home or building is being constructed so that the unit can be effectively hidden within the roof space, or underneath the floor.

The solution each unit offers with respect to heating and cooling is one not found with many other systems. Conditioned dehumidified air is pumped into your home via ducts and vents placed in the ceilings, walls and floors, or wherever they are required to supply optimal airflow to the home. Whilst they may not be the most inexpensive air conditioning unit on the market, they do provide a range of benefits, which guarantee comfort all year round. And when you are living in Brisbane, temperature control is essential.

What To consider Before Installing A Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane System?

With so many air conditioning options on the market, you’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed by all of the features and functionality aspects to consider. However you’ll soon see why choosing Brisbane ducted air conditioning will tick all the right boxes.

1. Ability To Create Ducted Air Conditioning Zones

One of the most impressive benefits you’ll enjoy is the fact that a Brisbane ducted air conditioner enables you to set up different zones in your home or workplace. The creation of zones means that they can be switched on or off independently to best suit those occupying the space at the time. This ensures everyone is able to remain in an area whilst being as comfortable as possible.

This also proves to be a rather cost efficient solution. There is no benefit to heating or cooling an area of your home where no one spends time, or a boardroom at work when it is not in use. This is a smart solution, which not only saves on the hip pocket but becomes a more energy efficient solution too. Separate zones offer enormous flexibility and work perfectly to cater to individual needs. Talk to the team at ML Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane today, to explore the zoning options for your home or office. 

2. Even Ducted Air Distribution

Because of the design and installation of Brisbane ducted air conditioning, you’ll never experience hot or cold spots. When a zone is activated there will be a perfectly even distribution of air, every time.

3. Automatic & Timed Temperature Control

If you are keen on introducing some automation into your home or office, you can also set up the unit to turn on and off, to a set temperature, making a room perfectly warm or refreshingly cool whenever you want it. Central temperature and zone control with set and forget timers means that your Brisbane ducted air conditioning unit can work to your routine and can be as individual as it needs to be.

4. Ducted Air Conditioners Are Inconspicuous

Ducted air conditioning Brisbane systems are typically installed into the roof or the ceiling and despite being in an out of sight location, can still work to deliver heating and cooling in various rooms. If there is not adequate space in the roof or ceiling, it can be set up in the floor zone too. Once installed, from the interior of a property, all you will see are grills mounted in the ceiling or on the floor. No more wall hung units and no more unsightly clunky boxes in your garden.

5. Low Noise From Ducted Air Con Brisbane Systems

Did someone say noise? Not with a professionally installed Brisbane ducted air conditioning system. Because all of the equipment that would typically make noises is tucked up inside the roof cavity or beneath the floor, you’ll find that this unit is the quietest of all air conditioning options.

6. Ducted Air Conditioning Prices Brisbane & Value For Money

A Brisbane ducted air conditioning unit and its installation is not an inexpensive option, especially when you calculate the comparative running costs over a year or more. If you live in a larger home or have an bigger area to cool, ducted air conditioning normally represents great value for money.

In most instances, it is far less expensive to install ducted air conditioning than to install a wall hung split system in every room that requires temperature moderation. Better still, adding ducted air conditioning also adds to the overall resale value of your home.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Prices Brisbane

Ducted air conditioning prices Brisbane will depend on the brand of unit you install and on the degree and complexity of the ducting and zone set up. Ducted air conditioning is normally more expensive than split system air conditioners initially, but for large spaces over the medium to long term, the overall installation and running costs are often less with a ducted system.

The total price of your ducted air conditioning system can depend on a number of factors, other than the size of the system itself. It is worthwhile to talk to the team at ML Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane to help you cover a few key aspects so you choose the right system for the job. Some of the common variables include:

  • The size of the home or office
  • Single or multi storey
  • The number of zones you require
  • Existing or newly constructed property

Try not to look at saving money by purchasing a smaller than needed unit, or one with a smaller capacity. For a large home a unit with low kilowatts (kw), can mean that the unit will not be able to effectively provide the temperature control you desire. This is where a Brisbane air conditioning installation expert can help advise exactly what unit is most suitable and how to best install it.

If you are considering installing ducted air conditioning into your Brisbane home, give the experts at ML Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane a call today. You’ll not only receive a free quote and assessment for your individual, unique situation but will be provided with solutions to suit your needs. Ducted air conditioning really is the ultimate climate control solution for your whole home and with a wide range of benefits to be enjoyed you’ll find that there is nothing more rewarding than being able to comfortably enjoy the whole of home solution where every room is air conditioned in summer and winter.

Not only are all ML Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane team members experienced, qualified and appropriately licensed, but they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you experience an unfortunate break down when you need your unit most, experienced technicians are only a phone call away. They always come equipped with all of the necessary tools plus common parts to fix and solve your problems no matter what time of the day or night it is. Our loyal customers rely on ML Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane and you can too. For the highest quality service and personalised solutions to keep your home or workplace comfortable, give the team a call. Enquire about installing a Brisbane ducted air conditioning system and you will reap the benefits for many years to come.

Contact ML Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane today. We’re available for all of your refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical solutions!

What To Consider Before Installing Brisbane Ducted Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning installation is certainly more involved with a ducted air conditioning system, so your installer needs to plan the process carefully to give you the best results. If you are considering installing a ducted air conditioning unit into your existing home or workplace there are a few points worth considering.

1. Cooling Demands Placed On Your Brisbane Ducted Air Con System

Living in Brisbane there is a good chance that your zone is regularly subjected to warm and humid weather. If this is the case then you can be guaranteed that a ducted air conditioning system will provide a comfortable temperature for your space. Ducted air conditioning can cope with high cooling demands and zones can be set up to provide additional cooling resources to certain rooms.

2. Engineer Designed Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Whilst ducted air conditioning installation is preferable during the construction of a home or building, they can still be installed into established properties. A fully personalised system can be installed into new homes as part of the plans, but any home can be retrofitted with an engineer designed fully ducted air conditioning system with a minimum of fuss. Mistakes in the installation can be costly but are easily prevented by enlisting the help of professional ducted air conditioning experts to effectively plan and design your Brisbane ducted air conditioning system. This will help you to optimise the set up to ensure the unit offers the benefits it is designed to deliver.

3. What Functionality Do You Need From Your Brisbane Ducted Air Conditioning?

There are plenty of options available when looking at the range of units on the market. Each offers a varied cooling capacity plus functionality, which suits smaller or larger properties. When looking to purchase a ducted air conditioning unit it is advisable to chat to an experienced Brisbane ducted air conditioning business for advice. ML Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane is a leading family owned company servicing both commercial and residential clients. If you have a question, our technicians are available 7 days a week, and they have all the answers! Talk to us today. 

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