Seeking An Air-conditioning System For Your Property?

Quality air conditioning is not so much a luxury as a necessity in Brisbane’s subtropical climate, which is why you need to call upon a company that can provide you with the system best suited to your needs. You need to talk to the air conditioner Brisbane experts at ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning!

Installing an air conditioning unit into your home or commercial property is by no means a small investment, but if chosen wisely and fitted correctly, it will provide you with the perfect indoor environment in which to work or play.

Consider ML Refrigeration as your go-to people for air conditioning installation Brisbane. As a friendly, family run, local business, ML Refrigeration specialises in refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical services. ML Refrigeration technicians are specialists in their field, and strive to find the best ducted and split system air conditioners Brisbane to suit your property, as well as maintain your air conditioning with ongoing services.

Air Conditioning Repairs Brisbane

Regular maintenance will help improve the reliability and longevity of your air conditioning system, however there are times when an ML Refrigeration technician will need to be called in to rectify a problem. Common problems for defective air conditioning units include loud noises, dripping, or not being able to start. ML Refrigeration technicians are fully trained to identify the issues relating to your defective air conditioner and possible fixes. Whether you have evaporative cooling, a ducted air conditioning Brisbane reverse cycle system, central air conditioning or split system air conditioning Brisbane, don’t hold back on your call to ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning if you encounter any sort of issue with your air conditioning. A cool house is a happy house; a hot house is not!

ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning will organise everything to ensure your air conditioning installation Brisbane runs as smoothly as possible, whether it is for residential or commercial purposes.

For a free quote and to discuss a range of solutions to suit your requirements and budget call a member of the sales team today. Contact ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning today for all your refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical solutions across Brisbane.

Which Air Conditioning Solution Is Best?

There is a massive choice when it comes to choosing and installing a new air conditioner. The basic choice comes down to split vs ducted, then capacity and efficiency, brand and then looks.

Property Size & Usage

When considering air conditioning installation Brisbane for your property, consider the size of your home, and the rooms within. Every room and every property differs, which is why it is important to obtain a quote and assessment by a licensed technician to give you an idea of your cooling output. The demand for efficient air conditioners has forced manufacturing businesses to work on systems that reduce power usage. This can be achieved by monitoring which rooms are used more frequently and adjusting cooling outputs accordingly. Such systems allow for incredible cost savings and should be discussed at your ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning consultation.

Maintainence Of Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning investment goes way beyond that of your initial outlay; you should prepare for ongoing services to your home or business system. Any air conditioning system will require regular servicing in order to prolong the life of your hardware so that it works to optimum performance for the lifespan of your chosen system. ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning will take care of all of your air conditioning maintenance needs, and understand how important it is to keep up to date with your system servicing.

A well maintained air conditioning system will maintain the correct functionality to keep your indoor environment cool in summer, warm in winter and keep the air clean. An air conditioning system will run far more effectively and efficiently when serviced regularly, which in turn saves you money.

Efficiency Of Different Air Conditioning Systems

When discussing your air conditioning needs with ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, consider asking how effective and economic your system will be. It is important to find the appropriate air conditioning system that is best tailored to your needs and, with that, establish the efficiency of it. With electricity prices on the rise, it is important to know the running costs of your Brisbane air conditioner to avoid being hugely out of pocket. Luckily, modern technologies mean today’s air conditioners tend to work in favour of lower energy consumption when compared to older models.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Brisbane

The team at ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning understands that not all air conditioning enquiries are for residential Brisbane properties. Commercial and industrial premises need to be cooled just as much as residential homes to ensure both staff and visitors alike are welcomed into a comforting environment. This, in turn, impacts on optimum business productivity.

Air conditioning can service any type of business premises from sports clubs to offices, supermarkets, warehouses, retail outlets, schools, cafes and restaurants. ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning caters for all small-medium commercial entities and industrial premises. Should you seek a quote and consultation to install air-conditioning into your business premises, ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning technicians will consider the size of your industrial or commercial property and its location, and then design the best solution. An air conditioner Brisbane consultation will establish exactly what you need for your business, regardless of your size. Everyone receives the same professional service and examination, with a comprehensive quote guaranteed.

If your business has suffered an air conditioning breakdown, don’t fret! The ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning team are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Commercial air conditioning technicians travel promptly to your premises, equipped with all the right tools and common spare parts to fix your defective air-conditioning system promptly, so you can concentrate on getting back to your customers.   ML Refrigeration & Air Conditioning will organise everything to ensure your air conditioner installation Brisbane runs as smoothly as possible, whether it is for residential or commercial purposes. 

In addition to our commercial air conditioning service, we also look after commercial refrigeration repairs with our team of Brisbane fridge mechanics. For our commercial clients, we offer everything you need for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning and our emergency repair service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

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